Free Class: 3-Phase Framework to a Profitable Online Course
How to Create + Launch Your Profitable Online Course — In Just 3 Weeks!
Hosted by Courtney Foster-Donahue
Go behind the scenes of a multimillion dollar course company + learn how I'm able to make 6 figures per month — every month — and teach business owners how to launch their courses with no audience, no budget, and no social media.
Here's what you'll learn:
The exact roadmap I used to scale my first online course to 7 figures in 18 months (and you can use it, too!)
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The fast, 3-week process for creating and launching a course that we cover in the free class is the same one I teach to my students...

Who is Courtney Foster-Donahue?
Courtney Foster-Donahue is an Atlanta-based, four-time entrepreneur and business strategist. She founded and runs a multi-million dollar company where she's worked with over 10,000 entrepreneurs in dozens of countries across the world.

Through her acclaimed programs The Course Course, Pocket Products®, and Evergreen Guild, she helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses through digital courses, digital products, and digital marketing.

Are you ready to create and launch your online course in the next month?
More importantly, are you ready to stop swapping hours for dollars and create a sustainable, scalable stream of revenue so you can make more money, help more people, yet work less hours?
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With the process I teach, I'll put you on the path to creating and launching your course in the next month!
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